Worse pans for cleaning. I bought 2 Gotham Steel pans a few weeks ago. The first one did the same. I purchased the full set of frying pans, dutch oven, and saucepans. Please add me: I had to throw away 2 pans because food stuck to them and nothing I tried would get the food off. For a use or two, they did not stick, then everything started to stick. Had the same problem. Great Value Graham Cracker Lawsuit. Ridiculous, about $50, for a “free” replacement. Garbage. Contact Us. After second use food was sticking and burning. I bought the square copper pan from the info commercial on tv. Everything stuck and now even with butter or oil everything sticks. I feel like I was lied to and cheated from the company for false advertising!! I too, stopped using the pan. I got me and the other two I gifted to my sisters. Bought stainless steel pans am learning to use them the chefs way. The little pots are all that’s usable now, and only for things like soups. 3 of pans scratched and don’t know how to get ahold of them. After a few uses ,have to use butter or oil! It’s a waste of money. Utterly ridiculous how they lied to everyone. Nope not even close.. everything sticks even with butter or oil?? And after a couple times using them, foods began to stick. My food sticks to them, they are hard to clean and sometimes too messy. We bought a complete set (at that time) skillets, pans, pots and after about 3-4 weeks the so-called non-stick surfaces were a total joke. the content you have visited before, Advertising: Gather personally identifiable information such as name and location, Advertising: Use information for tailored advertising with third parties, Advertising: Allow you to connect to social sites, Advertising: Identify device you are using. They have to be seasoned. I babied that pan–never had the flame above medium, let it coll properly before washing, and washing with a mild detergent and plastic scrubber. they worked great first few times i used them for hot sandwiches. They were NEVER non-stick, right from the get go. Everything sticks. Yes I did as well. I would never purchase again. Add me. We’ve all since gotten rid of them It was a waste of 29.99 plus tax, Bought 2 pans first use everything stuck.Still can’t get it clean.Second pan same..threw it away. Yes, everything sticks. I bought one of these pans as well and everything stuck to it. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN and HOPE YOU DON’T EITHER! Steel” or the “Company”), and certain of U.S. Steels’s directors, officers and underwriters, asserting violations of sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act. This product is misrepresented as non-stick. Purchased three different sizes. So excited, then food started sticking. Foods stick to pan. I did not spend tons of money on it but, I spent enough that I would have rather bought something that actually did what it advertised. I bought three of them! I bought several pans and even with oil , food sticks , especially on the side where the screws are attached to the handle. I Bought 2 and I also had a lot of Sticking as Well , would Scrape the Pans with a Fork Spoon or Knife after Cooking I Hated Washing the Skillet or Should o Say that the Product is Not What was Advertised on my Television , I will Stick (No Pun intended)I will Stick to my Cast Iron Skillet, Keep it oiled . Purchased two fry pans . Very sceptical now of anything claiming to be nonstick. I bought the Gotham pan set back in February mainly because they were non stick but also because they claimed to be dishwasher safe. I purchased the set and after about 2 weeks they were useless everything Stick’s. Everything stuck and the pans inside and out turned black. What a rip off. Yes! I have 3 of them and they all stick! I had to replace all my pans AGAIN &apologize to those people I gave them to as gifts…embarrassing. Longer we used them the more they stick. I switched to cast iron. Kobe is one of Japan’s largest steel manufacturers and a major supplier of aluminum and copper products. Manufacturer: Babyganics Active Ingredient(s): Various, some of which plaintiffs claim are eye irritants Description: Babyganics markets its childcare and household products as safe for toddlers, but many parents allege that they are not as kid-friendly as they appear. Companies like this need to start being held accountable! Please add me. I had the same bad results as your clients. purchased square pan, and everything stuck to it, very dissappointed in this product, please add me. Please add me. Pans became useless. After a month of use everything sticks to the pan. I no longer use the one pan I opened ( I purchased 2) because food stuck so badly even with cooking spray, butter or oil and I only used it for a couple of times before everything stuck and then there was a very bad smell coming from the pan which got into the tase to the food.. Grrrr. Bought the complete set plus the extra square one. Within 1 month everything sticks HORRIBLY- worse than any pans I have ever used in my 50+ years. I bought the whole set and then some and of course it’s sticking I feel like such a fool I spent all this money thought I did my research but I guess I didn’t I didn’t check for law suits. Just awful pans!! I did not overheat it or ever put I had to soak them and scrub them to remove the black mess. Some of the pans have nicks in them. Absolutely EVERYTHING sticks! I seasoned them the way the packaging stated and it was and still garbage. Now eggs stick using oil. got nothing but cuss words [email protected]#@@$$%%%^^&&.